Dear Customer:


We are working hard to address issues that currently limit your access to the SSL Portal.  While a full resolution is not immediately available, we have made progress in creating a way for you to access some of the applications.


Below we have outlined steps for temporary access to the various application uses that previously existed on the SSL Portal.

We apologize for the inconvenience and will have solutions operational as soon as possible.


Clinical Messaging:


Links to Clinical Messaging are accessible from our hbConnect portal –


If you previously accessed the SSL Portal,  you can now access Clinical Messaging through an alternate route.  To access:

·        Open an Internet Explorer window and type in the URL below that corresponds to the Clinical Messaging link you previously selected from the SSL Portal.  If you are not sure which URL to select, please call the helpdesk number below and we will direct you to the correct link.  


CM-1A or CM-1B  -

CM-2A or CM-2B  -

CM-3A or CM-3B  -


Elysium Printing:

Access to Elysium Printing involves a reconfiguration of your Elysium Print Client on your local PC.  If your PC is locked to making changes, you will need to get an admin login to make these configuration changes.  If you need to reinstall the Elysium Print Client please follow the instructions here.  You may also call or have your IT specialist call the helpdesk at 513-469-7222, and select option 4 to speak to a helpdesk technician to walk you through the configuration changes.


ECadmin Terminal Services:

In order to access ECadmin terminal services, please contact our Customer Support help desk at 513-469-7222, and select option 4 or email

Links to Hospital applications, and Various other portal links:

We have not yet found a solution to provide access to these services.  We will continue to look for solutions and provide updates as a soon as possible.


We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience as we continue to work to resolve this issue.


If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call the helpdesk at 513-469-7222, and select option 4, or email


Best Regards,